1. 25 May, 2012 2 commits
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      purged empty directories · ae5d128f
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      git-svn-id: svn+ssh://svn.cern.ch/reps/gaudi/Gaudi/branches/GAUDI/GAUDI_cmake@6881 53ecefc3-a64d-0410-9bdf-b8581fa3287e
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      Merge branch 'dev/cmake' into GAUDI_cmake · c2b478d4
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      * dev/cmake: (345 commits)
        fixed some "pedantic" warnings
        made CMake compile flags closer to the CMT ones
        fixed 'configure' to take into account that distcc and ccache do not work together
        fixed a problem in EnvConfig prepend
        fixed problem with the changed C++ flags
        modified build flags to be closer to the CMT ones
        avoid that Boost libraries are picked up from the system
        added a simple (preliminary) configure script
        fixed an issue in setting the test-specific runtime environment
        fixed a bug in 'gaudi_resolve_link_libraries'
        fixed a configuration problem when tests are disabled
        print only the name to the env XML file (instead of full path)
        modified the subdirectory dependency declaration to work across projects
        export also module targets to ensure that we do not have conflicts
        added consistency check on the toolchain version of used projects
        commented out debug output
        implemented dependencies on other projects (with recursion)
        propagate custom (external) and project env to user projects
        modified env.py to use cmd line settings to override XML
        prototype infrastructure to chain projects with subdir override
      From: Marco Clemencic <marco.clemencic@cern.ch>
      git-svn-id: svn+ssh://svn.cern.ch/reps/gaudi/Gaudi/branches/GAUDI/GAUDI_cmake@6880 53ecefc3-a64d-0410-9bdf-b8581fa3287e
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      fixed some "pedantic" warnings · 749e8e4e
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      prototype infrastructure to chain projects with subdir override · e74a47b9
      Marco Clemencic authored
      The regular "export" mechanism of CMake cannot be used because it
      prevents the overriding of subdirs and it doesn't allow transitivity of
      include directories.
      The choice is to implement our own export mechanism that allow overrides
      and exports all the special properties the framework is using
      (transitive includes and libraries).
      The main disadvantage is that the implicit transitive link has to be
      reimplemented within our framework and thus we are bound to the
      framework to create libraries, modules and executables.
      - the import of other projects (CMT 'use') has to be implemented and
        made recursive (the prototype uses hard-coded Gaudi to test)
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