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      Avoid C-style casts · 257b12c6
      Gerhard Raven authored
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      Add category support to StatusCode · 22acc16e
      Frank Winklmeier authored
      The StatusCode now consists of a value and category/domain. By default
      StatusCodes are created within a "default category". But users can
      define new categories and StatusCodes using typed enums. The design is
      mainly borrowed from std::error_code.
      Main changes:
      - StatusCode::setCode has been removed
      - No implicit conversions from/to bool or int anymore. This greatly
        increases type safety.
      - Converted all unscoped enums in Gaudi to their own StatusCode
        category (Clients will have to adjust their code to the scoped enum
        names (e.g. ERR -> Status::ERR)
      - Added operator bool() that is equivalent to isSuccess()
      - Added ternary (bitwise) AND(&) and OR(|) operators to combine
        StatusCodes according to three-valued logic
      - Added extensive unit tests for all StatusCode features
      Impact on clients:
      - Code that relies on the implicit StatusCode<->bool/int conversion has
        to be changed to explicitly construct/convert StatusCodes via either
        the constructor, operator bool() or getCode().
      - Clients using Gaudi StatusCodes need to adjust to using the scoped
        enums. E.g. clients of the ConversionSvc need to change BAD_STORAGE_TYPE to
        Status::BAD_STORAGE_TYPE when checking for specific StatusCode return
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