1. 12 Mar, 2018 1 commit
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      Fix bug in deReg and add test · d9a07c28
      Martin Errenst authored
      The lambda in deReg( TObject* ) tried to access vhid->at(0) after a
      check for vhid->size() == 0. This resulted in a certain crash.
      I've reorganized the function to delete the vector of THistIDs when
      vhid->size() is 1 (not 0).
      There is also a new test case that registers and deregisters a single
      Apply formatting
  2. 08 Mar, 2018 1 commit
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      Add documentation README to THistSvc folder · 21264e1f
      Martin Errenst authored
      Add legacy methods for regGraph and regTree
      Migrating the Athena in these cases would be possible, but not very
      clean. This is why I decided to favor a consistent interface (with
      similar methods for Hists, Trees and Graphs), opposed to only providing
      unique_ptr methods. It would be good if future THistSvc clients would
      pick up the new methods and old methods would be migrated over time.
  3. 05 Mar, 2018 1 commit
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      Update ITHistSvc for better Athena migration · 83c5e66b
      Martin Errenst authored
      The previous changes in the interface were to drastic. They would have
      required too many changes for a service that is likely to be rewritten
      for ROOT7 within the next 2 years anyway. (2018, 2019)
      So here we offer a deprecated version without proper ownership
      management that still works the same in the new implementation.
      Fix wrong naming in ITHistSvcMT
      Update ITHistSvc for better legacy support
      There is now a deprecated regHist method with the old interface.
      Since we don't want to spam too much during the Athena build, the new
      regHist method, that transfers ownership, can also return a raw pointer
      directly. This supports a very common use case in Athena, where the
      registered histogram is used afterwards.
      The migration is likely to be scriptable in this case.
      Adapt new interface in THistSvc.h
      Fix small typo in THistSvc.h
      Update InterfaceID version in ITHistSvc
      Fix wrong default parameter in interface
      Fit implementation to new interface
      Fix THistSvc tests and ref files
      Remove TODOs that are not relevant yet
      Apply formatting from CI artifacts
      Update IHistSvc to be more consistent
      Add THistSvc tests and fix reference
      The write tests now also contains tests for the new regHist and
      regShared/getShared methods.
      Update dbg reference as well
      Apply formatting patch
      Remove deprecation attribute from ITHistSvc
      This would introduce an additional warning for every Gaudi build, while
      the intention is to discourage the use of its implementation in
      The interface method is still marked as deprecated through a doxygen
      Add accidentally deleated return type to regHist
      Comment out deprecation attribute in THistSvc.h
      Initialize pointer in THistSvc tests
      Add GAUDI_API back to ITHistSvc
      Initialize all pointers in THistSvc
      Apply clang formatting patch from CI
      Hide deprecation warning behind ATLAS includeguard
      Let the thistwrite ignore specific file sizes
      Revert sortgroup regex
      The previous change did not cover all of the necessary cases and was
      Apply formatting artifacts
      Change test regex also for reading
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