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fix problem with unique_ptr for example

parent 1fcf1cb8
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......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ PropertyAlg::PropertyAlg(const std::string& name, ISvcLocator* ploc)
// declare properties of external algorithms
std::function<const double&()> getter = std::bind(&ExternalAlg::getMyProperty, std::ref(m_pExternalAlg));
std::function<void(const double&)> setter = std::bind(&ExternalAlg::setMyProperty, std::ref(m_pExternalAlg), std::placeholders::_1);
m_pExtProp = std::unique_ptr<Property>(declareProperty( "ExternalProperty" , getter, setter, -0.1));
m_pExtProp = declareProperty( "ExternalProperty" , getter, setter, -0.1);
// Declare the algorithm's properties
declareProperty( "Int", m_int = 100);
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ private:
/// They are set in the initialization phase by the job options service
std::unique_ptr<ExternalAlg> m_pExternalAlg;
std::unique_ptr<Property> m_pExtProp;
Property* m_pExtProp;
int m_int;
long long m_int64;
unsigned long long m_uint64;
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