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CERN Ironic Hardware Manager
This element is a wrapper around ironic-agent_. It will install cern-ironic-hardware-manager_ in IPA's venv before starting ironic-python-agent, so the code is available during runtime.
Please note it does not hardcode HWmanager inside the image and will always download the up-to-date version from GitLab repository.
Example code used to build a deploy image is shown bellow
.. code-block:: shell
ELEMENTS_PATH=~/cci-elements \
DIB_REPOREF_ironic_agent=stable/ocata \
disk-image-create -o ironic-deploy-image-ocata \
ironic-hwmanager-cern \
local-config \
.. _ironic-agent:
.. _cern-ironic-hardware-manager:
\ No newline at end of file
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