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- [anomaly_to_ES](#anomaly_to_ES)
- [grafana_etl](#grafana_etl)
- [spark_etl](#park_etl)
- [spark_etl](#spark_etl)
- [adcern](#adcern)
Describe the test purpose, content and method to reproduce outside CI
......@@ -34,4 +36,9 @@ and a simple declarative configuration (yml file) to extract data from influxDB
## spark_etl
In addition to the unit tests (to be completed) running via tox, the access to HDFS and Spark data using the spark_etl python module is
proved here. Details are provided in the [spark_etl/](spark_etl/
provided here. Details are provided in the [spark_etl/](spark_etl/
## adcern
Unit tests (to be implemented) running via tox, and integration tests of the Anomaly Detection [steps](adcern/integration/
deployed via docker-compose in the CI. The same [script](adcern/integration/ can be run interactively
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