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# docker-volume-cvmfs
# docker-volume-eos
This package provides management of cvmfs repositories in docker and kubernetes.
It provides a nicer interface to handle cvmfs volume definitions.
This package provides management of EOS repositories in docker and kubernetes.
## Requirements
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## Installation
### CentOS 7
Package installation is available for CentOS7, just add the following repos:
yum install
tee /etc/yum.repos.d/cci7-utils.repo <<-'EOF'
name=CERN Cloud Infrastructure Utils
Install the packages and launch the service (assuming you have docker already running):
yum install -y docker-volume-cvmfs
systemctl restart docker-volume-cvmfs
Logging will be at /var/log/docker-volume-cvmfs.log.
### Other
Otherwise you'll need to compile it manually and do the install. Example for Ubuntu:
sudo dpkg --install cvmfs_2.1.20_amd64.deb cvmfs-config-default_latest_all.deb
cat >/etc/cvmfs/default.local << EOF
Build the binary (go build from this repo source) and launch it:
sudo docker-volume-cvmfs
docker-volume-cvmfs: registering with docker
docker-volume-cvmfs: listening on /run/docker/plugins/cvmfs.sock
## Usage
1. Attempt some volume creation (the plugin should output some useful info)
sudo docker volume ls
sudo docker volume create -d cvmfs
The plugin should have given the following:
docker-volume-cvmfs: create map[]
docker-volume-cvmfs: mounting in /cvmfs/
docker-volume-cvmfs: path { map[]}
2. Deleting a volume
sudo docker volume rm
Plugin should give some info:
docker-volume-cvmfs: path { map[]}
docker-volume-cvmfs: remove { map[]}
docker-volume-cvmfs: unmounting in /cvmfs/
3. Attach a volume to a new container
sudo docker run -it --rm --volume-driver cvmfs -v centos:7 /bin/bash
[root@874cbf8199d0 /]# ls /cms/
CMS@Home bootstrap_slc5_amd64_gcc462.log cmssw.git
## Troubleshooting
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