Commit b6232b30 authored by Mykhailo Dalchenko's avatar Mykhailo Dalchenko
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Merge branch 'bugfix/issue-60' into 'develop'

Use STATUS for cmsgemos_add_module messages (was NOTICE)

Closes #60

See merge request cmsgemonline/cmsgemos!24
parents 9c5ecb7c 5d1aff0e
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ function(cmsgemos_add_module name)
message("Module ${LIBRARY_NAME} added: (interface: ${INTERFACE_PATH}; data: ${DATA_PATH})")
message(STATUS "Module ${LIBRARY_NAME} added: (interface: ${INTERFACE_PATH}; data: ${DATA_PATH})")
# The public headers must be made available under gem/${name}.
# This can be achieved with an appropriate symlink within the build
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