Commit be8b4f94 authored by Remi Mommsen's avatar Remi Mommsen Committed by Dainius Simelevicius
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references #180: accept 3rd-degree polynomials

parent d1743b33
......@@ -16,13 +16,14 @@ with open(args['outputFile'],'w') as outputFile:
for line in paramFile:
(fedIds,a,b,c,rms) = line.split(',',5)
except ValueError:
(fedIds,a,b,c,rms,_) = line.split(',',6)
(fedIds,a,b,c,d,rms) = line.split(',',6)
for id in fedIds.split('+'):
fedSize = float(a)+float(b)*args['relEventSize']+float(c)*args['relEventSize']**2
fedSize = float(a)+float(b)*args['relEventSize']+float(c)*args['relEventSize']**2+float(d)*args['relEventSize']**3
outputFile.write("%d,%d,%d,1\n" % (int(id),int(fedSize)&~0x7,int(fedSize*float(rms))&~0x7))
eventSize += int(fedSize)
eventSize += int(fedSize)&~0x7
except ValueError:
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