Commit 2d8f6db8 authored by Michel Arruat's avatar Michel Arruat
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New masterFIP lib version 1.1.2

        This pacth fixes a bug in libmasterfip-irq.c: the library gets from
        mockturtle message one by one to avoid any packing effect (read comment
        in the source code)
        Library version is bumped to 1.1.3
Signed-off-by: Michel Arruat's avatarMichel Arruat <>
parent 21b9a802
......@@ -131,9 +131,14 @@ static int mstrfip_read_trtlmsg(struct mstrfip_desc *mstrfip, int mq_slot,
* try to read a maximum of trtl messages in once: we don't know how
* many messages are accumulated in the driver, but we can't read more
* than the remaining space in the msglist
* FIX introduces in LIB version 1.1.3
* Read one message at once to avoid packing of two messages containing
* both an irq entry. When interrupt rate is very high (interrupt on
* each variable for instance), mockturtle drive starts to accumulate
* messages and receive_n function can return several messages.
* To avoid this problem messages are get one by one.
res = trtl_hmq_receive_n(mstrfip->hmq_acq_slot[mq_slot], trtlmsg,
trtl->msglist_size - trtl->msg_count);
res = trtl_hmq_receive_n(mstrfip->hmq_acq_slot[mq_slot], trtlmsg, 1);
if (res == -1) {
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ MFIP_GIT_USR = $(shell git config --get-all
# patch indicates bug fixes
# version of the library
# version of the RT software
# version of the FPGA
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