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Print updated detector configuration with units, this fixes #13

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......@@ -155,18 +155,17 @@ Configuration Detector::getConfiguration() {
Configuration config(name());
config.set("type", m_detectorType);
config.set("position", m_displacement);
config.set("postst", Units::display(m_displacement, {"um", "mm"}));
config.set("position", m_displacement, {"um", "mm"});
config.set("orientation_mode", m_orientation_mode);
config.set("orientation", m_orientation);
config.set("orientation", m_orientation, {"deg"});
auto npixels = ROOT::Math::DisplacementVector2D<Cartesian2D<int>>(m_nPixelsX, m_nPixelsY);
config.set("number_of_pixels", npixels);
// Size of the pixels
config.set("pixel_pitch", m_pitch);
config.set("pixel_pitch", m_pitch, {"um"});
if(m_timingOffset != 0.) {
config.set("time_offset", m_timingOffset);
config.set("time_offset", m_timingOffset, {"ns", "us", "ms", "s"});
if(!m_maskfile_name.empty()) {
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