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new algorithm to search for correlations

Former-commit-id: c3725f935e0a415cad40d33bc60de7279478e29a
parent 01cdf97d
#include "Clicpix2Correlator.h"
Clicpix2Correlator::Clicpix2Correlator(bool debugging)
: Algorithm("Clicpix2Correlator"){
debug = debugging;
template <typename T>
std::string makeString(T number) {
std::ostringstream ss;
ss << number;
return ss.str();
void Clicpix2Correlator::initialise(Parameters* par){
parameters = par;
// Get the DUT ID
dutID = parameters->DUT;
// Initialise histograms
hTrackDiffX["standard"] = new TH1F("hTrackDiffX_standard","hTrackDiffX_standard",4000,-20,20);
hTrackDiffY["standard"] = new TH1F("hTrackDiffY_standard","hTrackDiffY_standard",4000,-20,20);
hTrackDiffX["prevEvent"] = new TH1F("hTrackDiffX_prevEvent","hTrackDiffX_prevEvent",4000,-20,20);
hTrackDiffY["prevEvent"] = new TH1F("hTrackDiffY_prevEvent","hTrackDiffY_prevEvent",4000,-20,20);
// Rotatation histograms
angleStart = 0;
angleStep = 0.6;
angleStop = 2.*M_PI;
for(double angle=angleStart;angle<angleStop;angle+=angleStep){
string name = "rotated" + makeString(angle);
string histo = "hTrackDiffX_" + name;
hTrackDiffX[name] = new TH1F(histo.c_str(),histo.c_str(),4000,-20,20);
// Initialise member variables
m_eventNumber = 0;
StatusCode Clicpix2Correlator::run(Clipboard* clipboard){
// Get the clicpix clusters in this event
Clusters* clusters = (Clusters*)clipboard->get(dutID,"clusters");
if(clusters == NULL){
if(debug) tcout<<"No clusters for "<<dutID<<" on the clipboard"<<endl;
return Success;
// Get the tracks
Tracks* tracks = (Tracks*)clipboard->get("tracks");
if(tracks == NULL){
return Success;
// Make local copies of these objects
for(int iTrack=0; iTrack<tracks->size(); iTrack++){
Track* track = (*tracks)[iTrack];
Track* storageTrack = new Track(track);
for(int iCluster=0; iCluster<clusters->size(); iCluster++){
Cluster* cluster = (*clusters)[iCluster];
Cluster* storageCluster = new Cluster(cluster);
// Increment event counter
// Return value telling analysis to keep running
return Success;
void Clicpix2Correlator::finalise(){
if(debug) tcout<<"Analysed "<<m_eventNumber<<" events"<<endl;
// Now make all of the correlations. For each event loop over the clusters
// and tracks and make correlations between the two
// Will rotate the detector and look for correlations
for(double angle=angleStart;angle<angleStop;angle+=angleStep){
// Set the angle
int event;
// Get the clusters and tracks
Tracks tracks = m_eventTracks[m_eventNumber];
Clusters clusters = m_eventClusters[m_eventNumber];
// Loop over tracks and make correlations
for(int iTrack=0;iTrack<tracks.size();iTrack++){
// Get the track
Track* track = tracks[iTrack];
// Get the track intercept with the clicpix plane (global co-ordinates)
PositionVector3D< Cartesian3D<double> > trackIntercept = parameters->detector[dutID]->getIntercept(track);
// Loop over all clusters from this event
for(int iCluster=0;iCluster<clusters.size();iCluster++){
// Get the cluster
Cluster* cluster = clusters[iCluster];
// Get the distance between this cluster and the track intercept (global)
double xcorr = cluster->globalX()-trackIntercept.X();
double ycorr = cluster->globalY()-trackIntercept.Y();
// Fill histograms on correlations
string name = "rotated" + makeString(angle);
#ifndef Clicpix2Correlator_H
#define Clicpix2Correlator_H 1
#include "Algorithm.h"
#include <iostream>
#include "TH1F.h"
#include "TH2F.h"
#include "TCanvas.h"
#include "Pixel.h"
#include "Cluster.h"
#include "Track.h"
#include <sstream>
class Clicpix2Correlator : public Algorithm {
// Constructors and destructors
// Functions
void initialise(Parameters*);
StatusCode run(Clipboard*);
void finalise();
// Member variables
int m_eventNumber;
string dutID;
map<int, Clusters> m_eventClusters;
map<int, Tracks> m_eventTracks;
double angleStart, angleStop, angleStep;
// Histograms
map<string,TH1F*> hTrackDiffX;
map<string,TH1F*> hTrackDiffY;
#endif // Clicpix2Correlator_H
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