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......@@ -281,6 +281,8 @@ which describes a rotation of \SI{45}{\degree} around the $Z$ axis, followed by
All supported rotations are extrinsic active rotations, i.e. the vector itself is rotated, not the coordinate system. All angles in configuration files should be specified in the order they will be applied.
\item The \parameter{coordinates} parameter represents the local coordinate of detectors, the default parameter is "cartesian", which means a detector with cartesian coordinate will be created as default.
\item The \parameter{number_of_pixels} parameter represents a two-dimensional vector with the number of pixels in the active matrix in the column and row directions respectively.
\item The \parameter{pixel_pitch} is a two-dimensional vector defining the size of a single pixel in the column and row directions respectively.
\item The intrinsic resolution of the detector has to be specified using the \parameter{spatial_resolution} parameter, a two-dimensional vector holding the position resolution for the column and row directions. This value is used to assign the uncertainty of cluster positions. This parameter defaults to the pitch$/\sqrt{12}$ of the respective detector if not specified.
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