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Tracking4D: added new parameters to README and removed outdated comments in source code

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......@@ -12,7 +12,10 @@ Clusters from the first plane in Z (named the seed plane) are related to cluster
* `timing_cut`: Maximum time difference allowed between clusters for association. Default value is `200ns`.
* `spatial_cut`: Maximum spatial distance in the XY plane allowed between clusters for association for the telescope planes. Default value is `0.2mm`.
* `min_hits_on_track`: Minium number of associated clusters needed to create a track, equivalent to the minimum number of planes required for each track. Default value is `6`.
* `exclude_dut`: Boolean to chose if the DUT plane is included in the track finding. Default value is `true`.
* `exclude_dut`: Boolean to choose if the DUT plane is included in the track finding. Default value is `true`.
* `require_detector`: Name of detector which is required to have a cluster on the track. If empty, no detector is required. Default is empty.
* `use_avg_cluster_timestamp`: Boolean to choose how track timestamp is determined. If `true`, the average timestamp of all clusters on the track will be used. If `false` a detector can be defined using the `detector_to_set_track_timestamp`. Default is `true`.
* `detector_to_set_track_timestamp`: If `use_avg_cluster_timestamp = false`, a detector can be defined to provide the track timestamp. This detector also needs to be chosen set as `required_detector`.
### Plots produced
* Track chi^2 histogram
......@@ -14,10 +14,9 @@ Tracking4D::Tracking4D(Configuration config, std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Detecto
spatialCut = m_config.get<double>("spatial_cut", Units::get<double>(200, "um"));
minHitsOnTrack = m_config.get<size_t>("min_hits_on_track", 6);
excludeDUT = m_config.get<bool>("exclude_dut", true);
requireDetector = m_config.get<std::string>("require_detector", "Timepix3_0"); // add to documentation!
useAvgClusterTimestamp = m_config.get<bool>("use_avg_cluster_timestamp", true); // add to documentation!!!
detectorToSetTrackTimestamp = m_config.get<std::string>("detector_to_set_track_timestamp",
"Timepix3_0"); // add to documentation and find better name!!!
requireDetector = m_config.get<std::string>("require_detector", "");
useAvgClusterTimestamp = m_config.get<bool>("use_avg_cluster_timestamp", true);
detectorToSetTrackTimestamp = m_config.get<std::string>("detector_to_set_track_timestamp", "Timepix3_0");
void Tracking4D::initialise() {
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