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EventDefinitionM26: add sentence on parameter forwarding to EUDAQ2 event converters

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......@@ -38,6 +38,9 @@ end = begin + 230us
* `skip_time`: Time that can be skipped at the start of a run. All events with earlier timestamps are discarded. Default is `0ms`.
* `eudaq_loglevel`: Verbosity level of the EUDAQ logger instance of the converter module. Possible options are, in decreasing severity, `USER`, `ERROR`, `WARN`, `INFO`, `EXTRA` and `DEBUG`. The default level is `ERROR`. Please note that the EUDAQ verbosity can only be changed globally, i.e. when using instances of `EventLoaderEUDAQ2` below this module, the last occurrence will determine the (global) value of this parameter.
In addition, parameters can be forwarded to the EUDAQ2 event converters.
Please refer to the README of the `EventLoaderEUDAQ2` for more details.
### Plots produced
* 1D histogram of time between trigger timestamps
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