Commit 225aebb7 authored by Lennart Huth's avatar Lennart Huth
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added myself to list of contributers

parent 86937fab
......@@ -52,6 +52,7 @@ The following authors, in alphabetical order, have contributed to Corryvreckan:
* Matthew Daniel Buckland, University of Liverpool, @mbucklan
* Dominik Dannheim, CERN, @dannheim
* Adrian Fiergolski, CERN, @afiergol
* Lennart Huth, DESY, @lhuth
* Jens Kroeger, University of Heidelberg/CERN, @jekroege
* Andreas Matthias Nürnberg, CERN, @nurnberg
* Florian Pitters, CERN, @fpipper
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