Commit 32593e18 authored by Jens Kroeger's avatar Jens Kroeger
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AnalysisEfficiency: changed size_t into auto

parent 0e8c1abe
......@@ -267,8 +267,8 @@ StatusCode AnalysisEfficiency::run(std::shared_ptr<Clipboard> clipboard) {
eTotalEfficiency->Fill(has_associated_cluster, 0); // use 0th bin for total efficiency
size_t intercept_col = static_cast<size_t>(m_detector->getColumn(localIntercept));
size_t intercept_row = static_cast<size_t>(m_detector->getRow(localIntercept));
auto intercept_col = static_cast<size_t>(m_detector->getColumn(localIntercept));
auto intercept_row = static_cast<size_t>(m_detector->getRow(localIntercept));
if(has_associated_cluster) {
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