Commit 345392f7 authored by Katharina Dort's avatar Katharina Dort
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parent 6ab10cb4
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ namespace corryvreckan {
double m_timeCutFrameEdge;
double chi2ndofCut;
bool useClosestCluster;
int num_tracks;
int num_tracks;
} // namespace corryvreckan
......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ StatusCode DUTAssociation::run(std::shared_ptr<Clipboard> clipboard) {
LOG(DEBUG) << "Found associated cluster with distance (" << Units::display(abs(xdistance), {"um", "mm"}) << ","
<< Units::display(abs(ydistance), {"um", "mm"}) << ")";
<< Units::display(abs(ydistance), {"um", "mm"}) << ")";
  • Please install the git hooks to not always format manually and in separate commits. Check the manual for this.

  • Are you sure it's in the manual? I could not find it. But I did manage to install the git hooks.

  • Might not have added it yet... 😄 apparently only in the AP2 manual.

  • I can quickly add it in a separate MR.

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