Commit 34f68186 authored by Simon Spannagel's avatar Simon Spannagel Committed by Jens Kroeger
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Add move statements to MCP constructor

(cherry picked from commit f1ec8e81)
parent 19273f3e
......@@ -29,8 +29,8 @@ namespace corryvreckan {
ROOT::Math::XYZPoint local_start_point,
ROOT::Math::XYZPoint local_end_point,
double timestamp)
: Object(detectorID, timestamp), m_particle_id(particle_id), m_local_start_point(local_start_point),
m_local_end_point(local_end_point) {}
: Object(std::move(detectorID), timestamp), m_particle_id(particle_id),
m_local_start_point(std::move(local_start_point)), m_local_end_point(std::move(local_end_point)) {}
* @brief Static member function to obtain base class for storage on the clipboard.
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