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### Description
This module performs a basic tracking method.
Clusters from the first plane in Z (named the seed plane) are related to clusters close in time on the other detector planes using straight line tracks. The DUT plane can be excluded from the track finding.
The track finding works as follows.
All combinations of clusters in the first and the last hit detector plane are connected to form a straight line.
Clusters in further detectors are consecutively added if they are within the spatial cuts and time cuts, updating the reference track at each stage.
The DUT plane can be excluded from the track finding.
### Parameters
* `time_cut_rel`: Factor by which the `time_resolution` of each detector plane will be multiplied, either the `time_resolution` of the first plane in Z or the current telescope plane, whichever is largest. This calculated value is then used as the maximum time difference allowed between clusters and a track for association to the track. This allows the time cuts between different planes to be detector appropriate. By default, a relative time cut is applied. Absolute and relative time cuts are mutually exclusive. Defaults to `3.0`.
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