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jobsub: update batch submission description in readme

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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ The following help text is printed when invoking `jobsub` with the `-h` argument
usage: [-h] [--option NAME=VALUE] [-c FILE] [-csv FILE]
[--log-file FILE] [-l LEVEL] [-s] [--dry-run]
[--naf FILE | --lxplus FILE] [--subdir]
[--batch FILE] [--subdir]
jobtask [runs [runs ...]]
A tool for the convenient run-specific modification of Marlin steering files
......@@ -34,13 +34,9 @@ optional arguments:
switch overrides any config file options and also
overwrites hard-coded settings on the Corryvreckan
configration file.
-n FILE, --naf-file FILE, --naf FILE
Specify qsub parameter file for NAF submission. Run
NAF submission via qsub instead of calling
Corryvreckan directly
-lx FILE, --lxplus-file FILE, --lxplus FILE
Specify bsub parameter file for LXPLUS submission. Run
LXPLUS submission via bsub instead of calling
-htc FILE, --htcondor-file FILE, --batch FILE
Specify condor_submit parameter file for HTCondor submission. Run
HTCondor submission via condor_submit instead of calling
Corryvreckan directly
-csv FILE, --csv-file FILE
Load additional run-specific variables from table
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