Commit 40736fcd authored by Simon Spannagel's avatar Simon Spannagel
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Alignment: simplify calculations a bit

parent 150fe90d
......@@ -156,11 +156,11 @@ void Alignment::MinimiseTrackChi2(Int_t& npar, Double_t* grad, Double_t& result,
if(globalDetector->name() != trackCluster->detectorID()) {
// Recalculate the global position from the local
PositionVector3D<Cartesian3D<double>> positionLocal(
trackCluster->localX(), trackCluster->localY(), trackCluster->localZ());
PositionVector3D<Cartesian3D<double>> positionGlobal = *(globalDetector->localToGlobal()) * positionLocal;
trackCluster->setClusterCentre(positionGlobal.X(), positionGlobal.Y(), positionGlobal.Z());
auto positionLocal = trackCluster->local();
auto positionGlobal = globalDetector->localToGlobal(positionLocal);
// Refit the track
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