Commit 4341646f authored by Simon Spannagel's avatar Simon Spannagel
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Add some more file reading to Analysis.C

parent 80b2bd68
......@@ -41,11 +41,13 @@ Analysis::Analysis(std::string config_file_name){
m_parameters->masked[m] = true;
// FIXME Loading of additional values:
// Load alignment parameters
if(!m_parameters->readConditions()) throw ConfigFileUnavailableError("conditions");
std::string conditionsFile = global_config.get<std::string>("conditionsFile");
m_parameters->conditionsFile = conditionsFile;
if(!m_parameters->readConditions()) throw ConfigFileUnavailableError(conditionsFile);
// Load mask file for the dut (if specified)
m_parameters->dutMaskFile = global_config.get<std::string>("dutMaskFile", "defaultMask.dat");
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