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EventLoaderEUDAQ2/README: add explanation on Peary dependence of EUDAQ2 (if...

EventLoaderEUDAQ2/README: add explanation on Peary dependence of EUDAQ2 (if using Caribou) + steps/order of the installation procedure
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......@@ -55,6 +55,22 @@ For instance, to allow decoding of Caribou data, the respective EUDAQ2 module ha
In this case, EUDAQ2 itself depends on [Peary](, which is the data acquisition software accompanying the Caribou readout system.
To switch off all interfaces that are not necessary when not operating devices, one can do:
__Note:__ For an installatin on `lxplus` it is recommended to `source path/to/corryvreckan/etc/` not only before the installation of Corryvreckan but also before starting with the installation of EUDAQ2 to make sure the same compiler version is used for all libraries.
If also Peary is installed, the following order is recommended:
1. `source path/to/peary/.gitlab-ci.d/`
2. install Peary as described [here](
3. `source path/to/corryvreckan/etc/`
4. install EUDAQ2 as described [here](
5. install Corryvreckan
### Contract between EUDAQ Decoder and EventLoader
The decoder guarantees to
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