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\item The intrinsic resolution of the detector has to be specified using the \parameter{spatial_resolution} parameter, a two-dimensional vector holding the position resolution for the column and row directions. This value is used to assign the uncertainty of cluster positions. This parameter defaults to the pitch$/\sqrt{12}$ of the respective detector if not specified.
\item The intrinsic time resolution of the detector should be specified using the \parameter{time_resolution} parameter with units of time. This can be used to apply detector specific time cuts in modules. This parameter is only required when using relative time cuts in the analysis.
\item The \parameter{time_offset} can be used to shift the reference time frame of an individual detector to e.g.\ account for time of flight effects between different detector planes by adding a fixed offset.
\item The \parameter{material_budget} defines the material budget of the sensor layer in fractions of the radiation length, including support. If no value is defined a default of zero is assumed. A given value has to be larger than zero.
\item Pixels to be masked in the offline analysis can be placed in a separate file specified by the \parameter{mask_file} parameter, which is explained in detail in Section~\ref{sec:masking}.
\item A region of interest in the given detector can be defined using the \parameter{roi} parameter. More details on this functionality can be found in Section~\ref{sec:roi}.
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