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AnalysisDUT: add new parameter to change distance from sensor edge at which...

AnalysisDUT: add new parameter to change distance from sensor edge at which tracks are rejected (currently hard-coded to 0.5 pitch)
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......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ AnalysisDUT::AnalysisDUT(Configuration& config, std::shared_ptr<Detector> detect
: Module(config, detector), m_detector(detector) {
config_.setDefault<double>("time_cut_frameedge", Units::get<double>(20, "ns"));
config_.setDefault<double>("spatial_cut_sensoredge", 0.5);
config_.setDefault<double>("chi2ndof_cut", 3.);
config_.setDefault<bool>("use_closest_cluster", true);
config_.setDefault<int>("n_time_bins", 20000);
......@@ -27,6 +28,7 @@ AnalysisDUT::AnalysisDUT(Configuration& config, std::shared_ptr<Detector> detect
config_.setDefault<bool>("correlations", false);
time_cut_frameedge_ = config_.get<double>("time_cut_frameedge");
spatial_cut_sensoredge_ = config_.get<double>("spatial_cut_sensoredge");
chi2_ndof_cut_ = config_.get<double>("chi2ndof_cut");
use_closest_cluster_ = config_.get<bool>("use_closest_cluster");
n_timebins_ = config_.get<int>("n_time_bins");
......@@ -626,7 +628,7 @@ StatusCode AnalysisDUT::run(const std::shared_ptr<Clipboard>& clipboard) {
// Check if it intercepts the DUT
if(!m_detector->hasIntercept(track.get(), 0.5)) {
if(!m_detector->hasIntercept(track.get(), spatial_cut_sensoredge_)) {
LOG(DEBUG) << " - track outside DUT area";
......@@ -97,6 +97,7 @@ namespace corryvreckan {
// Member variables
double time_cut_frameedge_;
double spatial_cut_sensoredge_;
double chi2_ndof_cut_;
bool use_closest_cluster_;
int n_timebins_;
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ If a region of interest (ROI) is defined for the detector under investigation, o
### Parameters
* `time_cut_frameedge`: Parameter to discard telescope tracks at the frame edges (start and end of the current CLICpix2 frame). Defaults to `20ns`.
* `spatial_cut_sensoredge`: Parameter to discard telescope tracks at the sensor edges in fractions of pixel pitch. Defaults to `0.5`.
* `chi2ndof_cut`: Acceptance criterion for the maximum telescope tracks chi2/ndf, defaults to a value of `3`.
* `use_closest_cluster`: If `true` the cluster with the smallest distance to the track is used if a track has more than one associated cluster. If `false`, loop over all associated clusters. Defaults to `true`.
* `n_time_bins`: Number of bins in the time residual and correlation histograms. Defaults to `20000`.
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