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improved description in howtoalign.tex

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......@@ -69,6 +69,8 @@ Then, run again until the peaks are roughly centered around 0.
\textbf{Note:} Don't force the peak of the \textit{correlations} to be at exactly 0 because the position of the peak in fact corresponds to the physical offset of the plane from its ideal position. What really needs to be centered around 0 are the \textit{residuals}.
Now, modify the positions of individual planes in the configuration fileand re-running \corry to check the correlation plots, one can try to bring the peaks of the correlations in x and y close to 0.
As a next step, the \texttt{Prealignment} module can be run for an even better prealignment.\\
\textcolor{blue}{TODO: }\textcolor{orange}{I haven't ever used the [Prealignment] module, so maybe someone else can write a few sentences here.}
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