Commit 66e34715 authored by Daniel Hynds's avatar Daniel Hynds
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added check for device type during raw data reading

Former-commit-id: c4182955647d6a725bd7c9fe84fd0773e972b95e
parent fbf88d48
......@@ -49,6 +49,10 @@ void Timepix3EventLoader::initialise(Parameters* par){
// Check if this device is to be masked
if(parameters->masked.count(detectorID) != 0) continue;
// Check if this device has conditions loaded and is a Timepix3
if(parameters->detector.count(detectorID) == 0) continue;
if(parameters->detector[detectorID]->m_detectorType != "Timepix3") continue;
// Get all of the files for this chip
while (file = readdir(dataDir)){
string filename = dataDirName+"/"+file->d_name;
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