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CLICpix2EvL: by default off as it requires peary.

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# Define module and return the generated name as ALGORITHM_NAME
## CLICpix2EventLoader
**Maintainer**: Daniel Hynds (<>)
**Status**: Functional
**Maintainer**: Daniel Hynds (<>)
**Status**: Functional
#### Description
This algorithm reads in data for a CLICpix2 device from an input file.
The algorithm opens and reads one data file in the specified input directory. For each hit it stores the detectorID, row, column, and ToT. The shutter rise and fall time information are used to set the current time and event length.
#### Dependencies
This algorithm requires an installation of [Peary]( with its CLICPix2 module built. This is used for on-the-fly decoding of raw data.
#### Parameters
* `inputDirectory`: Path to the directory containing the `.csv` file. This path should lead to the directory above the CLICpix directory, as this string is added onto the input directory in the algorithm.
* `DUT`: Name of the DUT plane.
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