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Testing: improve debugging output of download script

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......@@ -37,23 +37,26 @@ def sha256(path):
def check(path, checksum):
"""returns true if the file exists and matches the checksum"""
if not os.path.isfile(path):
print(' file \'%s\' present' % path)
return False
if not sha256(path) == checksum:
print('\'%s\' exists, wrong checksum, deleting' % path)
print('...file \'%s\' exists with wrong checksum, deleting' % path)
return False
print('\'%s\' checksum ok' % path)
print('...checksum of file \'%s\' ok' % path)
return True
def cleanup(name):
"""removes untar'ed folder of target if it exists"""
target = os.path.join(BASE_TARGET, name)
if os.path.exists(target) and os.path.isdir(target):
print('\'%s\' deleting existing folder' % target)
print('...deleting existing folder \'%s\'' % target)
except shutil.Error as err:
print('%s' % err)
print(' folder from previous run present')
def download(name, checksum):
"""download tarball if not found already with correct checksum"""
......@@ -61,24 +64,27 @@ def download(name, checksum):
source = BASE_SOURCE + name + '.tar.gz'
target = os.path.join(BASE_TARGET, name + '.tar.gz')
if not check(target, checksum):
print('downloading \'%s\' to \'%s\'' % (source, target))
print('...downloading file \'%s\' to \'%s\'' % (source, target))
urlretrieve(source, target)
if not check(target, checksum):
sys.exit('\'%s\' checksum failed' % target)
sys.exit('...checksum validation of file \'%s\' failed' % target)
def untar(name):
source = os.path.join(BASE_TARGET, name + '.tar.gz')
tar =
print('\'%s\' untar ok' % source)
print('...untar of file \'%s\' ok' % source)
if __name__ == '__main__':
print('Starting dataset preparation...')
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
datasets = DATASETS
datasets = {_: DATASETS[_] for _ in sys.argv[1:]}
for name, checksum in datasets.items():
print('Dataset: \'%s\'' % name)
# Delete existing untarred files
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