Commit 6f68fe13 authored by Lennart Huth's avatar Lennart Huth
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adding static cast required for pipeline

parent 36ca5487
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ EventDefinitionM26::EventDefinitionM26(Configuration& config, std::vector<std::s
timeshift_ = config_.get<double>("time_shift");
shift_triggers_ = config_.get<int>("shift_triggers");
skip_time_ = config_.get<double>("skip_time");
skip_time_ps_ = Units::convert(skip_time_, "ps");
skip_time_ps_ = static_cast<double>(Units::convert(skip_time_, "ps"));
config_.setDefault<std::string>("eudaq_loglevel", "ERROR");
// Set EUDAQ log level to desired value:
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