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......@@ -71,6 +71,23 @@ The following authors, in alphabetical order, have contributed to Corryvreckan:
* Tomas Vanat, CERN, @tvanat
* Jin Zhang, DESY, @jinz
## Citations
The reference paper of Corryvreckan describing the framework and providing an example for a test beam data reconstruction has been published in the *Journal of Instrumentation*.
The paper is published with open access and can be obtained from here:
Please cite this paper when publishing your work using Corryvreckan as:
> D. Dannheim et al., “Corryvreckan: a modular 4D track reconstruction and analysis software for test beam data”, J. Instr. 16 (2021) P03008, doi:10.1088/1748-0221/16/03/P03008, arXiv:2011.12730
A preprint version is available on [](
In addition, the software can be cited using the [versioned Zenodo record]( or the current version as:
> M. Williams, J. Kröger, L. Huth, P. Schütze, S. Spannagel. (2020, December 22). Corryvreckan - A Modular 4D Track Reconstruction and Analysis Software for Test Beam Data
> (Version 2.0). Zenodo.
## Contributing
All types of contributions, being it minor and major, are very welcome. Please refer to our [contribution guidelines]( for a description on how to get started.
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