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AnalysisTimingATLASpix: parameter 'chi2_ndof_cut -> chi2ndof_cut as described...

AnalysisTimingATLASpix: parameter 'chi2_ndof_cut -> chi2ndof_cut as described in README and as used in other modules
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......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ AnalysisTimingATLASpix::AnalysisTimingATLASpix(Configuration config, std::shared
using namespace ROOT::Math;
m_detector = detector;
m_timingCut = m_config.get<double>("timing_cut", static_cast<double>(Units::convert(1000, "ns")));
m_chi2ndofCut = m_config.get<double>("chi2_ndof_cut", 3.);
m_chi2ndofCut = m_config.get<double>("chi2ndof_cut", 3.);
m_timeCutFrameEdge = m_config.get<double>("time_cut_frame_edge", static_cast<double>(Units::convert(20, "ns")));
m_clusterChargeCut = m_config.get<double>("cluster_charge_cut", 100000.);
m_clusterSizeCut = m_config.get<size_t>("cluster_size_cut", static_cast<size_t>(100));
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