Commit 8a7f3224 authored by Lennart Huth's avatar Lennart Huth
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and another typo found

parent 2c52568e
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ Detector::Detector(const Configuration& config) : m_role(DetectorRole::NONE) {
m_nPixels = config.get<ROOT::Math::DisplacementVector2D<Cartesian2D<int>>>("number_of_pixels");
// Size of the pixels
m_pitch = config.get<ROOT::Math::XYVector>("pixel_pitch");
// Detector thickness in radiationb length
// Material budget of detector, including support material
m_materialBudget = config.get<double>("material_budget");
// Intrinsic position resolution, defaults to 4um:
m_resolution = config.get<ROOT::Math::XYVector>("resolution", ROOT::Math::XYVector(0.004, 0.004));
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