Commit 94d0a4b6 authored by Jens Kroeger's avatar Jens Kroeger
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AnalysisTimingATLASpix.h: changed tot to charge where appropriate (whenever...

AnalysisTimingATLASpix.h: changed tot to charge where appropriate (whenever cluster is used and not pixel)
parent dd97d8b6
......@@ -70,9 +70,9 @@ namespace corryvreckan {
TH2F* hClusterSizeVsTot_Assoc;
TH2F* hHitMapAssoc;
TH2F* hHitMapAssoc_highTot;
TH2F* hHitMapAssoc_highCharge;
TH2F* hHitMapAssoc_inPixel;
TH2F* hHitMapAssoc_inPixel_highTot;
TH2F* hHitMapAssoc_inPixel_highCharge;
TH2F* hClusterMapAssoc;
TH2F* hTotVsTime_low;
......@@ -103,9 +103,10 @@ namespace corryvreckan {
double m_timingCut;
double m_chi2ndofCut;
double m_timeCutFrameEdge;
double m_clusterTotCut;
double m_clusterChargeCut;
size_t m_clusterSizeCut;
int m_highTotCut;
int m_highTotCut; // for pixel->tot()
double m_highChargeCut; // for cluster->charge()
double m_leftTailCut;
std::string m_correctionFile_row;
......@@ -124,7 +125,7 @@ namespace corryvreckan {
int tracks_afterMasking;
int total_tracks;
int matched_tracks;
int tracks_afterClusterTotCut;
int tracks_afterClusterChargeCut;
int tracks_afterClusterSizeCut;
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