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* @file
* @brief Definition of [AnalysisTiming] module
* @copyright Copyright (c) 2018 CERN and the Allpix Squared authors.
* This software is distributed under the terms of the MIT License, copied verbatim in the file "".
* In applying this license, CERN does not waive the privileges and immunities granted to it by virtue of its status as an
* Intergovernmental Organization or submit itself to any jurisdiction.
* *
* Refer to the User's Manual for more details.
#include <iostream>
#include "TGraphErrors.h"
#include "TH1F.h"
#include "TH2F.h"
#include "TProfile2D.h"
#include "core/module/Module.hpp"
namespace corryvreckan {
/** @ingroup Modules
* @brief Module to do function
* More detailed explanation of module
class AnalysisTiming : public Module {
* @brief Constructor for this unique module
* @param config Configuration object for this module as retrieved from the steering file
* @param detector Pointer to the detector for this module instance
AnalysisTiming(Configuration config, std::shared_ptr<Detector> detector);
void initialise();
StatusCode run(std::shared_ptr<Clipboard> clipboard);
void finalise();
std::shared_ptr<Detector> m_detector;
// timing correction functions:
void correctClusterTimestamp(Cluster*, int mode);
// 1D histograms:
TH1F* hTrackCorrelationTime;
TH1F* hTrackCorrelationTimeAssoc;
TH1F* hTrackCorrelationTime_rowCorr;
TH1F* hTrackCorrelationTime_rowAndTimeWalkCorr;
TH1F* hTrackCorrelationTime_rowAndTimeWalkCorr_l25;
TH1F* hTrackCorrelationTime_rowAndTimeWalkCorr_l40;
TH1F* hTrackCorrelationTime_rowAndTimeWalkCorr_g40;
TH1D* hTrackCorrelationTime_example;
// 2D histograms:
TH2F* hTrackCorrelationTimeVsCol; // control plot only
TH2F* hTrackCorrelationTimeVsRow;
TH2F* hTrackCorrelationTimeVsRow_1px;
TH2F* hTrackCorrelationTimeVsRow_npx;
TH2F* hTrackCorrelationTimeVsRow_rowCorr;
TH2F* hTrackCorrelationTimeVsTot;
TH2F* hTrackCorrelationTimeVsTot_1px;
TH2F* hTrackCorrelationTimeVsTot_npx;
TH1F* hClusterTimeMinusPixelTime;
TH2F* hTrackCorrelationTimeVsTot_rowCorr;
TH2F* hTrackCorrelationTimeVsTot_rowCorr_1px;
TH2F* hTrackCorrelationTimeVsTot_rowCorr_npx;
TH2F* hTrackCorrelationTimeVsRow_rowAndTimeWalkCorr;
TH2F* hTrackCorrelationTimeVsTot_rowAndTimeWalkCorr;
TH2F* hClusterSizeVsTot_Assoc;
TH2F* hHitMapAssoc;
TH2F* hHitMapAssoc_highTot;
TH2F* hHitMapAssoc_inPixel;
TH2F* hHitMapAssoc_inPixel_highTot;
TH2F* hClusterMapAssoc;
TH2F* hTotVsTime_low;
TH2F* hTotVsTime_high;
// Control Plots for "left tail":
TH2F* hClusterMap_leftTail;
TH1F* hTot_leftTail;
TH1F* hPixelTS1_leftTail;
TH1F* hPixelTS2_leftTail;
TH1F* hPixelTS1bits_leftTail;
TH1F* hPixelTS2bits_leftTail;
TH1F* hClusterSize_leftTail;
TH2F* hClusterMap_rightTail;
TH1F* hTot_rightTail;
TH1F* hPixelTS1_rightTail;
TH1F* hPixelTS2_rightTail;
TH1F* hPixelTS1bits_rightTail;
TH1F* hPixelTS2bits_rightTail;
TH1F* hClusterSize_rightTail;
// TGraphErrors:
TGraphErrors* gTimeCorrelationVsRow;
TGraphErrors* gTimeCorrelationVsTot_rowCorr;
TGraphErrors* gTimeCorrelationVsTot_rowCorr_1px;
TGraphErrors* gTimeCorrelationVsTot_rowCorr_npx;
TGraphErrors* gRowCorr;
TGraphErrors* gTimeWalkCorr;
// Member Variables:
std::string m_DUT;
double m_timingCut;
double m_chi2ndofCut;
double m_timeCutFrameEdge;
double m_clusterTotCut;
size_t m_clusterSizeCut;
std::string m_correctionFile_row;
std::string m_correctionFile_timewalk;
bool m_calcCorrections;
bool m_pointwise_correction_row;
bool m_pointwise_correction_timewalk;
int m_totBinExample;
int total_tracks_uncut;
int tracks_afterChi2Cut;
int tracks_hasIntercept;
int tracks_isWithinROI;
int tracks_afterMasking;
int total_tracks;
int matched_tracks;
int tracks_afterClusterTotCut;
int tracks_afterClusterSizeCut;
} // namespace corryvreckan
# Define module and return the generated name as MODULE_NAME
# Add source files to library
# Provide standard install target
# AnalysisTiming
**Maintainer**: Jens Kroeger (
**Module Type**: *DUT*
**Detector Type**: *all*
**Status**: work in progress
### Description
This module contains everything that's necessary for an in-depth timing analysis, including timewalk and row corrections.
### Parameters
* `clusterTotCut`: Parameter to discard clusters with a ToT too large, default is 500ns (inifitely large)`.
* `clusterSizeCut`: Parameter to discard clusters with a size too large, only for debugging purposes, default is 100 (inifitely large)`.
* `chi2ndofCut`: Acceptance criterion for telescope tracks, defaults to a value of `3`.
### Plots produced
* to be updated...
### Usage
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