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......@@ -290,7 +290,8 @@ All supported rotations are extrinsic active rotations, i.e. the vector itself i
\item The \parameter{time_offset} can be used to shift the individual detector time frames of reference to e.g.\ account for time of flight effects between different detector planes by adding a fixed offset.
\item The \parameter{material_budget} defines the material budget of the
sensor layer in factions of the radiation length, including support
structures. If no value is defined a default of zero is assumed. A given
value has to be larger than zero.
\item Pixels to be masked in the offline analysis can be placed in a separate file specified by the \parameter{mask_file} parameter explained in detail in Section~\ref{sec:masking}.
\item A region of interest in the given detector can be defined using the \parameter{roi} parameter. More details on this functionality can be found in Section~\ref{sec:roi}.
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