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EventLoaderATLASpix/ add explanation of new parameter 'time_offset'

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......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ Since a calibration is not yet implemented, the pixel charge is set to the pixel
* `clkdivend2`: Value of clkdivend2 register in ATLASPix specifying the speed of TS2 counter. Default is `0`.
* `high_tot_cut`: "high ToT" histograms are filled if pixel ToT is larger than this cut. Default is `40`.
* `buffer_depth`: Depth of buffer in which pixel hits are timesorted before being added to an event. If set to `1`, effectively no timesorting is done. Default is `1000`.
* `time_offset`: Time offset to be added to each pixel timestamp. Defaults to `0ns`.
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