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Had to merge master once more to get latest correction changes (my cherry-pick...

Had to merge master once more to get latest correction changes (my cherry-pick action was completely useless).
parents a744c090 de56d943
......@@ -32,13 +32,11 @@ void AnalysisEfficiency::initialise() {
auto pitch_x = static_cast<double>(Units::convert(m_detector->pitch().X(), "um"));
auto pitch_y = static_cast<double>(Units::convert(m_detector->pitch().Y(), "um"));
auto nbins_x = static_cast<int>(std::ceil(pitch_x / Units::convert(m_inpixelBinSize, "um")));
auto nbins_y = static_cast<int>(std::ceil(pitch_y / Units::convert(m_inpixelBinSize, "um")));
auto nbins_x = static_cast<int>(std::ceil(m_detector->pitch().X() / m_inpixelBinSize));
auto nbins_y = static_cast<int>(std::ceil(m_detector->pitch().Y() / m_inpixelBinSize));
if(nbins_x > 1e4 || nbins_y > 1e4) {
throw ModuleError("Parameter \"inpixel_bin_size\" is too small. Too many bins for ROOT. Please increase "
"\"inpixel_bin_size\" in your configuration file.");
throw InvalidValueError(m_config, "inpixel_bin_size", "Too many bins for in-pixel histograms.");
std::string title = m_detector->name() + " Pixel efficiency map;x_{track} mod " + std::to_string(pitch_x) +
"#mum;y_{track} mod " + std::to_string(pitch_y) + "#mum;efficiency";
hPixelEfficiencyMap_trackPos =
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