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......@@ -6,10 +6,10 @@ It also includes step-by-step instructions on how to align a new set of testbeam
For the alignment of the \textbf{reference telescope} and \textbf{device-under-test (DUT)}, the following modules are available in \corry (see also \ref{ch:modules}).
\item \texttt{Prealignment} for both telescope and DUT prealignment.
\item \texttt{AlignmentTrackChi2} used for telescope alignment.
\item \texttt{AlignmentDUTResidual} used for DUT alignment.
\item \texttt{AlignmentMillepede} for an improved telescope alignment.
\item \texttt{Prealignment} for both telescope and DUT prealignment (see also \ref{prealignment}).
\item \texttt{AlignmentTrackChi2} used for telescope alignment (see also \ref{alignmenttrackchi2}).
\item \texttt{AlignmentDUTResidual} used for DUT alignment (see also \ref{alignmentdutresidual}).
\item \texttt{AlignmentMillepede} for an improved telescope alignment (see also \ref{alignmentmillepede}).
Scripts to run and configure \corry should be stored in a separate git repository as they do not belong directly to the \corry framework and are highly user-specific.
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% modules
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% additional tools and resources
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