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README for Eventloader MuPix

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# EventLoaderMuPixTelescope
**Maintainer**: Lennart Huth (
**Maintainer**: Lennart Huth (
**Module Type**: *GLOBAL*
**Status**: Immature
**Status**: work in progress with some hard coded parts - needs polishing
### Description
This is a demonstrator module only, taking data every detector on the clipboard and plots the pixel hit positions.
It serves as template to create new modules.
This modul reads in and converts data taken with the MuPix-Telescope.
### Parameters
No parameters are used from the configuration file.
* `input_directory`: Defines the input file. No default
* `Run`: not in use. Defaults to `-1`
* `is_sorted`: Defines if data recorded is on FPGA timestamp
sorted. Defaults to `false`
* `ts2_is_gray`: Defines if the timestamp is gray encoded or not. Defaults to `false`.
### Plots produced
* Histogram of event numbers
For each detector the following plots are produced:
* 2D histogram of pixel hit positions
* 1D histogram of the pixel timestamps
### Usage
input_directory = "/path/to/file"
Run = -1
is_sorted = false
ts2_is_gray = false
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