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llow to skip trigger IDs at the beginning of the run

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......@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@ void Metronome::initialize() {
// Set initial values for the start and stop time of the first event:
m_eventStart = config_.get<double>("skip_time", 0.);
m_eventEnd = m_eventStart + m_eventLength;
m_triggers = config_.get<uint32_t>("skip_triggers", 0ul);
StatusCode Metronome::run(const std::shared_ptr<Clipboard>& clipboard) {
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ A more detailed description is provided in the event building chapter of the use
* `event_length`: Length of the event to be defined in physical units (not clock cycles of a specific device). Default value is `10us`.
* `skip_time`: Time to skip at the begin of the run before processing the first event. Defaults to `0us`.
* `triggers`: Number of triggers to generate and add to each event. All trigger timestamps are set to the center of the configured metronome time frame. Defaults to zero, i.e. no triggers are added.
* `skip_triggers`: Number of trigger IDs to skip at the begin of the run, before processing the first event. Defaults to 0.
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