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# EventDefinitionM26
**Maintainer**: Lennart Huth (, Jens Kroeger (
**Module Type**: *GLOBAL*
**Status**: Functional
**Status**: Advanced
### Description
This global module allows to fully utilize the PIVOT pixel behaviour of the
EUDET type telescopes based on the NI MIMOSA26 readout. The event begin and
EUDET type telescopes based on the NI MIMOSA26 readout. The MIMOSA DAQ stores two full rolling shutter frames.
The first frame corresponds to the frame where the trigger has been received. To store also particle hits at a position in front of the shutter, also the next frame is stored.
Note that the default NI-converter only returns pixels after the pivot in the first frame and in front of the pivot in the second frame.
The event begin and
end are defined based on the pivot pixel provided in the MIMOSA data
stream. Currently, the module assumes that the full two data frames are read
out, which is not the case in the standard converter.
However, the converter only returns all pixels after the pivot pixel of the
first frame and those before the pivot pixel of the second frame.
Event definition example:
For a triggerID that has a TLU event from 425.000us to 425.025us (default
25 ns events)
25 ns events), the trigger timestamp is defined as the middle of the event:
t_trig = (425us+425.025us)/2
and the pivot pixel-row is p the event will be defined as:
begin = 425.0125 us - (p * (115.2 / 576)) us
begin = t_trig - (p * (115.2 / 576)) us
end = begin + 230us
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