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Manual: add coordinate system description

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......@@ -110,3 +110,13 @@ Displays system time, log level, section header and the message itself.
Displays all of the above but also indicates source code file and line where the log message was produced.
This can help in debugging modules.
\section{Coordinate systems}
Local coordinate systems for each detector and a global frame of reference for the full setup are defined.
The global coordinate system is chosen as a right-handed Cartesian system, and the rotations of individual devices are performed around the geometrical center of their sensor.
Local coordinate systems for the detectors are also right-handed Cartesian systems, with the x- and y-axes defining the sensor plane.
The origin of this coordinate system is the center of the lower left pixel in the grid, i.e.\ the pixel with indices (0,0).
This simplifies calculations in the local coordinate system as all positions can either be stated in absolute numbers or in fractions of the pixel pitch.
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