Commit eb34a2d3 authored by Simon Spannagel's avatar Simon Spannagel
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Remove obsolete Makefile

parent e0f8b448
BINDIR = bin/
SRCDIR = src/
INCLUDE_PATH = -I core \
-I algorithms \
-I objs
# Compiler
CC = g++
# Compiler flags
ROOTCFLAGS := $(shell root-config --cflags)
ROOTLIBS := $(shell root-config --glibs)
CFLAGS = -fPIC -w -g -W ${ROOTCFLAGS} -O3 #-std=c++0x
LFLAGS = ${ROOTLIBS} -g -lGenVector -lMinuit -O3
# Automatically decide what to compile
# Core parts of the framework
CORE = $(notdir $(wildcard core/*.C))
OBJS = $(CORE:.C=.o)
OBJS := $(addprefix ${BINDIR}, ${OBJS})
# Data classes
DATAOBJS = $(wildcard ${PWD}/objs/*.h)
DATACLASS = $(notdir $(wildcard ${PWD}/objs/*.C))
# User algorithms
ALGORITHMS = $(notdir $(wildcard algorithms/*.C))
ALGOBJS := $(addprefix ${BINDIR}, ${ALGOBJS})
# Executable
EXE = ${BINDIR}tbAnalysis
# Compile core, user algorithms and make an executable for each user algorithm
@echo "Done"
# Compile core algorithms (everything .C)
${BINDIR}%.o : core/%.C core/%.h
@echo "Compiling $(notdir $<)"
@$(CC) $(CFLAGS) ${INCLUDE_PATH} -c $< -o $@
${BINDIR} : algorithms/%.C algorithms/%.h
@echo "Compiling $(notdir $<)"
@$(CC) $(CFLAGS) ${INCLUDE_PATH} -c $< -o $@
${BINDIR} : objs/%.C objs/%.h
@echo "Compiling $(notdir $<)"
@$(CC) $(CFLAGS) ${INCLUDE_PATH} -c $< -o $@
${BINDIR}Steering.o : core/Steering.C
@echo "Compiling steering file"
@$(CC) $(CFLAGS) ${INCLUDE_PATH} -c core/Steering.C -o ${BINDIR}Steering.o
${BINDIR}EventDict.o : ${DATAOBJS}
@echo "Making event dictionary"
@rm -f core/EventDict.C core/EventDict.h
@rootcint core/EventDict.C -c ${DATAOBJS}
@$(CC) $(CFLAGS) ${INCLUDE_PATH} -c core/EventDict.C -o ${BINDIR}EventDict.o
@rm -f core/EventDict.C core/EventDict.h
@mv core/EventDict_rdict.pcm bin/
@echo "Making executable tbAnalysis"
@$(CC) -o ${BINDIR}tbAnalysis $(OBJS) ${DATACLASSOBJS} ${ALGOBJS} ${BINDIR}EventDict.o $(LFLAGS)
# Remove all executables and object files
@rm -f ${BINDIR}*
@rm -f core/EventDict*
@echo "Cleaned"
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