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\section{The Clipboard}
\todo{description of clipboard and interaction with it}
The clipboard is the framework's infrastructure for temporary storing information during the event processing.
Every module can access the clipboard and both read and write information.
Collections or individual elements on the clipboard are accessed via their name, and is internally stored as map.
The clipboard consists of two parts, a temporary storage and a persistent storage space.
\subsection{Temporary Data Storage}
The temporary data storage is only available during the processing of a single event.
It is automatically cleared at the end of the event processing and has to be populated with new data in the new event to be processed.
The temporary storage acts as the main data structure to communicate information between different modules and can hold multiple collections of \corry objects such as pixel hits, clusters or tracks.
\subsection{Persistent Storage}
The persistent storage is not cleared at the end of each event processing and can be used to store information used in multiple events.
Currently this storage only allows for the caching of double-precision floating point numbers.
\section{Global Framework Parameters}
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