Commit efd7c2ad authored by Lennart Huth's avatar Lennart Huth
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added warning that there are some issues with the air

parent 619ce1a4
......@@ -36,6 +36,13 @@ Tracking4D::Tracking4D(Configuration config, std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Detecto
momentum = m_config.get<double>("momentum", Units::get<double>(5, "GeV"));
volumeScatteringLength = m_config.get<double>("volume_scattering_length", Units::get<double>(304.2, "m"));
useVolumeScatterer = m_config.get<bool>("volume_scattering", false);
// print a warning if volumeScatterer are used as this causes fit failures
// that are still not understood
if(useVolumeScatterer) {
LOG_ONCE(WARNING) << "Taking volume scattering effects into account is still WIP and causes the GBL to fail - these "
"tracks are rejected";
// spatial cut, relative (x * spatial_resolution) or absolute:
if(m_config.count({"spatial_cut_rel", "spatial_cut_abs"}) > 1) {
throw InvalidCombinationError(
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