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......@@ -301,3 +301,9 @@ keywords = "Simulation, Silicon detectors, Geant4, TCAD, Drift–diffusion"
url = "",
note = {accessed 11~1019}
title = {ROOT TEfficiency Class Reference},
author = {},
url = {},
note = {accessed 01~2020},
......@@ -8,6 +8,13 @@
This module measures the efficiency of the DUT by comparing its cluster positions with the interpolated track position at the DUT.
It also comprises a range of histograms to investigate where inefficiencies might come from.
The efficiency is calculated as the fraction of tracks with associated clusters on the DUT over the the total number of tracks intersecting the DUT (or region-of-interest, if defined).
It is stored in a ROOT `TEfficiency` object (see below).
Its uncertainty is calculated using the default ROOT `TEfficiency` method which is applying a Clopper-Pearson confidence interval of one sigma.
Analogue to a Gaussian sigma, this corresponds to the central 68.3% of a binomial distribution for the given efficiency but taking into account a lower limit of 0 and an upper limit of 1.
This method is recommended by the Particle Data Group.
More information can be found in the ROOT `TEfficiency` class reference, section `ClopperPearson()` @root-tefficiency-class-ref.
### Parameters
* `time_cut_frameedge`: Parameter to discard telescope tracks at the frame edges (start and end of the current event window). Defaults to `20ns`.
* `chi2ndof_cut`: Acceptance criterion for telescope tracks, defaults to a value of `3`.
......@@ -22,7 +29,7 @@ For the DUT, the following plots are produced:
* 2D Maps of chip efficiency in local and global coordinates, filled at the position of the track intercept point or at the position of the associated cluster center
* 2D Maps of the position difference of a track with and without associated cluster to the previous track
* 2D Map of the distance between track intersection and associated cluster
* 1D histograms:
* Histogram of all single-pixel efficiencies
* Histograms of time difference of the matched and non-matched track time to the previous track
......@@ -37,3 +44,4 @@ For the DUT, the following plots are produced:
chi2ndof_cut = 5
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