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Add new module: Metronome

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# Define module and return the generated name as MODULE_NAME
# Add source files to library
# Provide standard install target
#include "Metronome.h"
using namespace corryvreckan;
using namespace std;
Metronome::Metronome(Configuration config, std::vector<Detector*> detectors)
: Module(std::move(config), std::move(detectors)) {
m_eventLength = m_config.get<double>("eventLength", Units::convert(10, "us"));
void Metronome::initialise() {
// Set initial values for the start and stop time of the first event:
m_eventStart = 0.0;
m_eventEnd = m_eventLength;
StatusCode Metronome::run(Clipboard* clipboard) {
// Set up the clipboard persistent storage for the current event:
clipboard->put_persistent("eventStart", m_eventStart);
clipboard->put_persistent("eventEnd", m_eventEnd);
clipboard->put_persistent("eventLength", m_eventLength);
// Increment the current event's start and end times by the configured event length
m_eventStart = m_eventEnd;
m_eventEnd += m_eventLength;
// Return value telling analysis to keep running
return Success;
#ifndef Metronome_H
#define Metronome_H 1
#include <iostream>
#include "TCanvas.h"
#include "TH1F.h"
#include "TH2F.h"
#include "core/module/Module.hpp"
#include "objects/Cluster.h"
#include "objects/Pixel.h"
#include "objects/Track.h"
namespace corryvreckan {
/** @ingroup Modules
class Metronome : public Module {
// Constructors and destructors
Metronome(Configuration config, std::vector<Detector*> detectors);
~Metronome() {}
// Functions
void initialise();
StatusCode run(Clipboard* clipboard);
double m_eventStart, m_eventEnd, m_eventLength;
} // namespace corryvreckan
#endif // Metronome_H
## Metronome
**Maintainer**: Simon Spannagel (<>)
**Status**: Functional
#### Description
The `Metronome` module is can be used to slice data without strict event structure in arbitrarily long time slots, which serve as events for subsequent modules. This is done by configuring an event length and by setting the variables `eventStart` and `eventStop` on the clipboard.
Subsequent modules should read these values and adhere to them.
#### Parameters
* `eventLength`: Length of the event to be defined in physical units (not clock cycles of a specific device). Default value is `10us`.
#### Usage
eventLength = 500ns
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