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......@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@ More information can be found in the ROOT `TEfficiency` class reference, section
* `time_cut_frameedge`: Parameter to discard telescope tracks at the frame edges (start and end of the current event window). Defaults to `20ns`.
* `chi2ndof_cut`: Acceptance criterion for telescope tracks, defaults to a value of `3`.
* `inpixel_bin_size`: Parameter to set the bin size of the in-pixel 2D efficiency histogram. This should be given in units of distance and the same value is used in both axes. Defaults to `1.0um`.
* `inpixelEdge_cut`: Parameter to exclude tracks going within a cut-distance to the pixel edge. Defaults to `0` (no track cut).
* `maskedPixelDistance_cut`: Distance (in pixels) to exclude tracks passing close to masked pixel. Defaults to `1`.
* `require_associated_cluster_on`: Names of detectors which are required to have an associated cluster to the telescope tracks. Detectors listed here must be marked as `role = DUT` in the detector configuration file. Only tracks satisfying this requirement are accepted for the efficiency measurement. If empty, no detector is required. Default is empty.
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